How it Works
Standard agency fees are typically in the low double digits. Our streamlined platform allows us to help you build your campaign ten times faster, so we’re able to charge less in fees – lower than you’ll find anywhere else – and negotiate on your behalf after you commit to buy.
Get the lowest price guaranteed
We pass prices from media owners directly to you without markups. Once you select your ad placements, we negotiate on your behalf to get the lowest price possible.

Save money with smarter buying
Because we source inventory from every media owner, you'll have access to a broad selection many of which may have lower prices.

Isn't buying direct from media owners less expensive?
When planning campaigns through AdQuick, media owners know they are competing for your business, so they pre-emptively offer competitive pricing.

What customers are saying

AdQuick is fast, good, and cheap. You don't have to choose two — you can have all three.

Debra Cleaver, CEO & Founder

Whenever we start boiling down the proposal, it comes down to: What is our reach? What is our frequency? What can we get a great deal on? And with AdQuick's help, that's usually what we choose.

Adam Miller, Director of User Acquisition
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